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Kanterra Science develops functional and affordable cannabis-based lifestyle products in a range of potencies and formats for the adult-use and medical markets.

Our strength in science combined with our advanced manufacturing platform enables us to develop cannabis-derived products that deliver consistent, predictable and enjoyable experiences each and every time.

Our Science Platform

A Foundation of Certainty

As the cannabis industry continues to take shape – both in its scientific development and its regulatory implications – we are creating a foundation of certainty. We take a science-first approach to develop the formulations and products that are not only consistent and predictable yet enable us to offer reliable experiences.


Sun-Grown Cannabis

Established on 470+ acres north of Orangeville, Ontario New World Nurseries is a craft cultivator focused on delivering true-to-strain, cost-effective and environmentally conscious outdoor cannabis.

Our master growers produce high-quality, sun-grown cannabis flower for a multitude of cannabis product formats, including extracts and derivatives.

A Unique Terroir

Our farmland is situated at the highest elevation in Southern Ontario. This unique terroir offers maximum light saturation for photosynthetic reaction across flat lands, where all of our plants enjoy equal access to sunlight.

The land was bio-dynamically farmed for generations, so there are no residual herbicides and pesticides. Additionally, we have a large, natural aquifer that offers pure water with no residual heavy metals or other pollutants.

We're in the heart of windmill country, so the constant breezes reduce exposure to mold, mildew and other water borne agents, which results in happy and healthy cannabis plants at time of harvest!


Cannabis cultivation begins with careful genetic selection and a rigorous propagation program. Our expert team has multiple decades of experience growing outdoors and nurturing robust phenotypes that will yield the best results once planted in our field. We also focus on plants that will express rare minor cannabinoids and unique terpene profiles.

We select premium genetics from elite seed banks, and we specifically identify cultivars that are suited to the unique terroir and the length of a Canadian summer. As we employ a live plant methodology, throughout our propagation process, we target the most vigorous plants for cloning.

Every step of the way, our unique farming techniques and production methods are designed to capture all of the important natural properties of the cultivars that we grow.

Harvest to Extract

At our outdoor cultivation facility, cannabis is harvested fresh from the field and then flash frozen with liquid nitrogen to retain all the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Our advanced, cryogenic ethanol extraction process uses just cannabis flower and preserves the natural cannabinoids and authentic terpenes of the strains.

This results in true full spectrum extracts with a significantly lower impact on the environment, richer terpene profiles, and large amounts of minor cannabinoids.


Licensed Research Facilities

Our partner contract research company, Diteba Laboratories, is a Health Canada GMP licensed Drug Establishment, also registered with FDA, with additional Health Canada Licenses for Controlled Substances, Cannabis Licences for Drug, Analytical, and Research and Development. Diteba provides complex scientific research services to the international pharmaceutical, natural health and cannabis industries and is fully licensed for cannabis research and development, in-process testing and product release testing.

In addition, as a Health Canada cannabis licensed processor, Diteba Laboratories provides best-in-class support services across:

  • Research and development for all product categories
  • Stability testing for all product categories
  • In-process and product release testing
  • Wholesale of dried flower, extraction-grade biomass, extract, distillate, cannabis isolates and cannabis-derived terpenes
  • The development and manufacture of cannabinoid formulations for infusion in consumer products
  • Custom contract manufacturing in all product categories
  • Packaging and distribution services from our Mississauga-based facility

This enables us to build innovative cannabis products that are validated by science and designed to deliver consistent results each and every time.

A Pathway to Formulation

Formulation is key to consistent extract products. Our pathway to the formulation involves three crucial steps to take full spectrum ‘raw cannabis extract’ from the plant and refine it into pure isolates that can then be combined in precise formulations that can be consistently repeated.

Since cannabinoids like THC and CBD are hydrophobic (water-hating) – they do not blend easily in water. In order to combine the cannabinoids in liquid, we use a specially designed emulsification technology to create a nano-cannabinoid formulation with particles so tiny they are homogeneously dispersed into water.

These nano-cannabinoids are hydrophilic (water-loving), which means the body can more readily accept them. In this format, the cannabinoids can pass directly through the oral olfactory glands and stomach on route to the small intestine where they can be easily absorbed into the bloodstream. Conversely, when consuming traditional edibles or oil-based concentrates, the active cannabinoids sit in the stomach where they are inundated with acids before they arrive at the small intestine and liver. Much of the cannabinoids are lost during this stage, before they are able to be absorbed into the bloodstream.

Typical emulsifications can reverse themselves over time, but our specialized process creates a highly stable solution that maintains its structure, allowing it to be stored for much longer periods of time.