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Common Ground
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Authentic strains and carefully crafted concentrates designed for everyday life.

Common Ground, from Kanterra Science, is a unique line of authentic strains and carefully crafted concentrates designed for everyday life.

Common Ground products are the fruition of sustainable farming practices and advanced extraction processes that preserve the natural cannabinoid and terpene profiles of the plant.

Sun-Grown Cannabis

Established on 470+ acres north of Orangeville, Ontario, we’re a craft cultivator focused on delivering true-to-strain, cost-effective and environmentally conscious outdoor cannabis.

Our master growers produce high-quality, sun-grown cannabis flower for a multitude of cannabis product formats, including extracts and derivatives.

A Unique Terroir

Our farmland is situated at the highest elevation in Southern Ontario. This unique terroir offers maximum light saturation for photosynthetic reaction across flat lands, where all of our plants enjoy equal access to sunlight.

The land was biodynamically farmed for generations, so there are no residual herbicides and pesticides. Additionally, we have a large, natural aquifer that offers pure water with no residual heavy metals or other pollutants.

We're in the heart of windmill country, so the constant breezes reduce exposure to mold, mildew and other water borne agents, which results in happy and healthy cannabis plants at time of harvest!


Cannabis cultivation begins with careful genetic selection and a rigorous propagation program. Our expert team has multiple decades of experience growing outdoors and nurturing robust phenotypes that will yield the best results once planted in our field. We also focus on plants that will express rare minor cannabinoids and unique terpene profiles.

We select premium genetics from elite seed banks, and we specifically identify cultivars that are suited to the unique terroir and the length of a Canadian summer. As we employ a live plant methodology, throughout our propagation process, we target the most vigorous plants for cloning.

Every step of the way, our unique farming techniques and production methods are designed to capture all of the important natural properties of the cultivars that we grow.

Harvest to Extract

At our outdoor cultivation facility, cannabis is harvested fresh from the field and then flash frozen with liquid nitrogen to retain all the cannabinoids and terpenes.

Our advanced, cryogenic ethanol extraction process uses just cannabis flower and preserves the natural cannabinoids and authentic terpenes of the strains.

This results in true full spectrum extracts with a significantly lower impact on the environment, richer terpene profiles, and large amounts of minor cannabinoids.

Chem Glue

Chem Glue is a heavy-bodied hybrid with a herbal, woody and slight diesel aroma. This tenacious combination of Chem Dawg and Gorilla Glue hits with sweet, sour and musky notes and then slow-rolls from there. Rich in minor cannabinoids (CBG and CBDV).